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Clocks Clockwise
Oceans Blue
Uranus Red
Metal Shiny
Birds Appear
Cat Feet / Toast

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Hydrogen Cars
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Discovered Earth Sun
Invented Computer
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Why Is The Sky Blue?

Why Is The Sky Blue is a funny website of scientific mis-information not to be taken too seriously and probably not even enlightening to most who venture on. The question, Why is the sky blue is one of the most often asked question by youngsters and oldster alike. This funny earth science site answers the question - why is the sky blue - in a light-hearted manner plus it attempts to answer many other often asked science questions in a somewhat similar manner as well.




Blue Sky


If you want to find out why the sky is blue, then click this link why is the sky blue and we will tell you! So you don't wish to click the link and find out the answer, do you? Well, then, we have a hint for your question, why is the sky blue: collision. Now doesn't this hint make your mouth water?

Funny you should ask, this blue sky is science's way of saying, "How did this happen?" Earth science may not have all the answers yet, but we do!

Aren't you feeling taunted enough to click the link? Why is the sky blue? Because it is feeling sad that humans don't last forever. Because yellow is already taken by that nimrod, the sun. Because it never gets to play in any of the reindeer games. Not the answer you were looking for was it? Now click the link. Please ...

Mis-information is at the heart of all of scientific inquiry. Plausible and implausible explanations need to be ruled out in order to understand what is really going on. Double-blind studies and other methods are good techniques that rule out mis-information. Once an explanation is ruled out it becomes fair game and fodder for sites like this to propound this information as if it were scientific fact. This site makes no apologies for dissemination of bogus facts, half-truths, shaky hypotheses and downright malicious lies, innuendo, tomfoolery and even shenanigans.

Yes, It Was Me ...

Science is not an exact science, someone once said. Okay, it was me. I said it. Be that as it may, the inexactness of science is what this website finds entertaining. Science can be art, you know. This is an earthy earth science site that contains little or no factual content whatsoever. What is informative about this? Whatsoever is the value in this, you ask?

What is noteworthy is that science and those who participate in scientific endeavors many times take themselves way too seriously. Under the Shenanigan Theory of Relativity, science itself cannot be analyzed and taken apart and put underneath a microscope. Smirks cannot be synthesized into something useful. When is the last time you took a bunch of scientific ribaldry and analyzed the similarities in their DNA markers? A tumor has no humor. But we do, so read on and take whatever we say with a grain of salt because by the time you're done we will taste as salty as the ocean is blue.

And that's a fact, Jacques! Or Jacqueline as the case may be. But I am babbling, so goodbye.

Okay, it's not goodbye as I have something more to say. Why Is The Sky Blue is not affiliated with any legitimate scientific organization whatsoever.

In addition, if anyone makes such an accusation please inform us immediately so that our public relations people can do damage control. We will send out lame press releases and stuff.

Remember, this site is for entertainment purposes only and may not be copied unless with the express written consent from the Commissioner of Baseball.

Please no wagering. Don't use steroids. Avoid where prohibited by law. Avoid at all costs.

The characters depicted on this site are fictional and do not represent any real people living or dead.

Yada yada yada. Blah, blah, blah. You get the message. Or if you don't, then get a clue. Or play Clue and choose the candlestick in the dining room. The butler did it, you know. And, if he didn't he should have. In addition, you may want to try CQI Online Writing School - a free resource for college students. And, in additional addition, check out  











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